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Science courses

We create the next generation of scientists in a number of weeks. Working with leading companies to gain brilliant insights, our express science courses are both cutting-edge and industry-led. 


Express science training courses

What we teach

Lab Technician Training Course

Designed with a blend of practical exercises and scientific theory, this course is delivered by highly trained instructors to deliver talented, confident lab technicians.


2 weeks
Lab Manager Training Course

The course is designed for those looking to progress into managerial roles, who have a passion for supporting others to develop to the best of their ability.


1 week
Introduction to Biomolecules

An introduction to the biomolecules; the basic structures and types for anyone wishing to refresh their knowledge, or learn more about the basics of these molecules.


2 hours
Basic Microscopy Protocols

Take a look at the setting up and maintenance of a standard light microscope, different lenses, how to measure cells and slide preparation methods. Suitable for all levels.


2-3 hours
Basic Laboratory Skills for Beginners

This easy to follow course covers the preparation of solutions, discusses appropriate glassware use, demonstrates examples of redox and acid-base titrations, and examples for the preparation of culture media.

2-3 hours
Pipetting Technique Masterclass

Basic introduction to the different types of biomolecules, the types that may be worked with in the laboratory, and different tests and uses of such molecules in bio science.


2 hours
Bacterial Identification Principles

A short course covering the main classifications of bacteria, what bacteria are in relation to other microorganisms, and the broad classification and identification methods.


10 hours
Introduction to the Innate Immune System

A short course introducing barriers, effector cells, antimicrobial peptides, soluble mediators, and cells and receptors involved in the innate immune system.


10 hours
Data Analysis with Python

A short course on data analysis using Python. At the end of the course participants will be able to read data from common data sources (Excel) into Python, clean said data and make simple data visualisation.

10 hours
Foundation Level Maths for Scientists

A short learner led course to recap the numeracy required for laboratory science. Depending upon the numerical ability of the cohort, topics will include BIDMAS, rearranging equations, indices, scientific notation.

2-3 hours

What you get

Highly skilled scientists

Quick and effective training

Motivated teams

Improved staff retention

Apprenticeship Training

Expand your learning

If a career in science is what you're working towards, or you want to up-skill your staff to become qualified Lab Technicians, enhance your training experience with a 15-month Apprenticeship bootcamp.

Training with VR

Accelerated virtual learning 

Training students via our virtual world accelerates their learning and allows for perfect technique development.

Industry endorsed

Industry endorsed training

We've gained brilliant insights from leading lab company Dam Health, to ensure our training supports what employers need.

Next-gen talent

Inspiring next-gen talent

Our instructing team is made up of qualified teachers and industry experts who love their subject.