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Lab Technician Course

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Course Overview

This course lasts for 2 weeks and is full time. There are 3 sessions per day - theory, practical, and assessment.

In week 1 the Credersi team works closely with those undergoing the training throughout the onboarding process, and in week 2 our course can be entirely bespoke to meet your needs.

Our team will work with you to tailor the course, weaving in practical elements such as pipetting, aliquoting and using aseptic techniques to build confidence in the techniques used in the laboratory setting.

Subjects might include:

  • Induction to Health & Safety in the Lab, The Business Environment, an introduction to Chemistry
  • Introduction to moles, concentrations and dilutions and the Laboratory
  • Information Management System
  • Introduction to basic maths skills, Standard Operating Procedures and the use of buffers in laboratory work
  • The basis of life, an introduction to the cell, revision and assessment
  • Introduction to protein structure and DNA replication
  • Protein Synthesis and an introduction to the innate immune system
  • The adaptive immune system and the Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Introduction to best sampling and testing practice

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Apprenticeship Training

Expand your learning

If a career in science is what you're working towards, or you want to up-skill your staff to become qualified Lab Technicians, enhance your training experience with a 15-month Apprenticeship bootcamp.

Training with VR

Accelerated virtual learning 

Training students via our virtual world accelerates their learning and allows for perfect technique development.

Industry endorsed

Industry endorsed training

We've gained brilliant insights from leading lab company Dam Health, to ensure our training supports what employers need.

Next-gen talent

Inspiring next-gen talent

Our instructing team is made up of qualified teachers and industry experts who love their subject.