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Data Analysis with Python

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Course Overview

This 10 hour course is aimed at beginners in data analysis and hypothesis testing using python and Excel. Attendees will gain a mastery of data analysis by python by taking part in a project to apply their skills developed on the course.

Beginners will increase their understanding and skills in;
  • Why Python is good for data analysis
  • Jupyter Notes
  • Automation of data analysis
  • Importing modules in Python
  • Reading Excel data into Pandas Dataframes
  • Cleansing data before analysis
  • Performing simple statistics in Pandas
  • Handling time variables to determine future weather patterns
  • Visualising data with plots
  • The theory behind hypothesis testing
  • Hypothesis testing using the binomial probability model
  • The use of the normal distribution in significance testing
  • Calculation of 95% confidence intervals of numerical and proportion data

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