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Software Tester Apprenticeship

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Apprenticeship Overview


You can’t go to university to become a qualified Software Tester but you can gain a qualification, hands on experience and a bright career in one of the fastest growing industries in technology on the Credersi Software Testing Apprenticeship.

By the end of the course, new testers will be able to confidently navigate their new role. They will be able to use standard industry tools and apply modern testing techniques and practices to testing processes, all with a good understanding of the SDLC.

As with the majority of the Credersi bootcamps, learning is delivered via front-loading the knowledge transfer so participants are “work ready” in record time.

Our course doesn’t just focus on the hard technical skills, we put a great deal of emphasis on the so called softer skills and include mental health, resilience, and collaborative communication at the forefront of this exciting bootcamp.

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Training with VR

Accelerated virtual learning 

Training students via our virtual world accelerates their learning and allows for perfect technique development.

Industry endorsed

Industry endorsed training

We've gained brilliant insights from leading technology companies to ensure our training supports what employers need.

Next-gen talent

Inspiring next-gen talent

Our instructing team is made up of qualified teachers and industry experts who love their subject.