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Software Developer Apprenticeship

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Apprenticeship Overview

With a decade long, worldwide engineering shortage, appropriate resource planning has traditionally been extremely difficult. Here's your opportunity to take ownership of your talent pipeline - by creating your own developers on a course that's built for your business.
Credersi's software development team comprises technical experts, passionate coders, and professional teachers. We're the sister company to the S & A Group and utilise the expertise and industry knowledge that exposure to this exciting organisation gives us.
Together we’ve reimagined what a solid software development programme looks like and put into our 12 week bootcamp. Our course has been built from the ground up with robust education principles baked into every single day to ensure our (soon to be your) junior talent is ready to go on day one.
Of course, the learning doesn't stop there. The Credersi Software Developer Apprenticeship is a 15 month programme, with masterclasses and modules interspersed throughout their learning journey.

Our core differentiator is our ability to bespoke aspects of the curriculum to suit employers around the UK. We’ve got Python, we’ve got C#,  and we even have fairly niche masterclasses in things like Linux, Yokto, C++ and the amazing Lightning JS tool.
If you need something else, just ask us. Credersi's software development experts will work with you to create a junior developer programme that targets the key areas you require now, and help you prepare for the next 6, 12, 18 months ahead - and beyond.

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