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Disruptive education experts

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Our Vision and Values

Our 3 values are core to everything we do and embody what really makes us tick.
These values encourage us to challenge each other every day to make sure our decisions and our actions live up to them.



We work in STEM - the Science and Technology areas anyway.  

These industries are some of the fastest-paced industries in the world and it’s an honour and a privilege to play our small part in helping progress the education of individuals in the subjects. 

Our training courses are built with the future in mind whilst ensuring that all our delegates are given a solid grounding in the basics. We have included businesses in the course development, and they are taught by our own industry experts.  

In Science we have made use of Labster to give delegates a virtual laboratory to “work” in and explore. Our technology courses service a global audience, we are an official Preferred Plus Partner for RDK which gives us access to some of the largest technology organisations in the world. We utilise this fabulous knowledge base to ensure everything we get involved in is truly pioneering. 



Our mission is very simple; to educate, upskill and/or reskill every delegate that attends one of our courses.  

Our colleagues are encouraged to continue their own personal learning journey and to take time out to share their new skills and knowledge with each other. Whilst we involve business every step of the way, our true passion is to inspire every single individual that encounters Credersi. 


Easy to Work With

We think engaging with Credersi should be an enjoyable experience. Whether you are a delegate enquiring or attending one of our unique courses; an organisation looking to hire, upskill or reskill some fabulous talent; or a future or current colleague of ours - the journey to navigate our business should be easy. 
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Virtual Laboratories

We've partnered with Labster to give our current and future scientists access to a state-of-the-art virtual learning journey.

We’ve curated our own menu of relevant courses, quizzes, and science demonstrations to ensure that the learning journey never stops. Our own scientists absolutely love Labster, we hope you will too. 

Here’s what Labster have to say about their virtual labs; “Virtual labs are simulated learning environments that allow students to complete laboratory experiments online and explore concepts and theories without stepping into a physical science lab. 

Students can try out lab techniques for the first time and become more familiar with advanced lab equipment that might otherwise be inaccessible. Through animations, students can explore life science at a molecular level and look inside the machines they are operating. 

Virtual lab software creates opportunities for alternative access to science education.” 

The S&A Group

Our sister company, The S&A Group, is an award-winning consulting business that delivers high value technical transformation projects across the globe. A wonderful mixture of employed specialists and a network of associates and consultants that span most technical disciplines. 

Formed in 2010, the S&A Group has delivered value to over 100 clients and have worked with more than 8000 individuals, partners, PSC’s and contracting companies. 

A wonderful addition to the portfolio is S&A Resourcing Solutions Ltd.

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